This post was written by the Forest Park Forever NatureWorks youth crew and includes some amazing PIE CHARTS!

After closing out the third week of the Nature Works program, we continue looking forward to working hard to improve Forest Park. While working along the Park’s waterway, we’ve been mowing, pulling, raking and spraying – tasks we’ve found to be strenuous but rewarding. This physically demanding work has also brought us closer together as a group.

Even though we didn’t know each other at the start of the program, we’ve bonded over our shared hatred of pulling winter creeper, for example. After three weeks of removing this invasive plant, we feel like a team more than ever. And although we agree on some things, we also have different opinions on some of the work we do.

Here’s how the Forest Park Forever Nature Works crew members feel about a few key aspects of the job:

Get at that hedge parsley!


We assure you that all tree cutting is for the benefit of the ecosystem. Rock on, NatureWorks!