Vernon chopping vegetables as he teaches a cooking demonstration with Operation Food Search

Vernon chopping vegetables as he teaches a cooking demonstration with Operation Food Search

Good morning community. My name is Vernon Hampton and I’m an 18-year-old graduate. My favorite hobby is making and listening to music!

A lot of times, we as people tend to think that we don’t have a major impact on our community or the world around us. But, you might be surprised at the reaction you get when you put positivity into your ecosystem, work towards a common goal, or even try to better your community. Here at Seeds of Hope Farm this plays an important role in our purpose.

There have been multiple activities we’ve participated in, but the one activity that stands out to me the most was our Green Teen Alliance (GTA) field trip to Forest Park. At this event, we met up with all the teens from the other programs that make up the GTA to learn about what they do and to give insight about Seeds of Hope Farm. Throughout this event, we performed various team-building exercises to get us more comfortable with each other and to learn from one another.

I believe that the most essential part of this was the activity where we had to make a physical and verbal presentation to exhibit what we do and why we do it. I believe that was the most powerful exercise because those types of activities make you feel more comfortable with people once you figure out that you have a common purpose or goal that you are working together to achieve and conquer.


Also, I believe that learning about other programs and realizing we have common goals makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than you could imagine – causing you to feel more important and needed in the world.


So, next time you feel like you don’t matter and you can’t make a difference – think about the bigger picture. It might surprise you what you can do if you put your heart into it.